3. Saturnalian license permitted slaves to enjoy a pretense of disrespect for their masters, and exempted them from punishment. It was a time for free speech: the Augustan poet Horace calls it “December liberty.”

  4. "String theory"


  5. Many theoretical physicists (among them Stephen Hawking, Edward Witten, and Juan Maldacena) believe that string theory is a step towards the correct fundamental description of nature. This is because string theory allows for the consistent combination of quantum field theory and general relativity, agrees with general insights in quantum gravity such as the holographic principle and black hole thermodynamics, and because it has passed many non-trivial checks of its internal consistency.


  7. Neoevolutionism


  9. Ars


  11. Paralanguage is a component of meta-communication that may modify or nuance meaning, or convey emotion.

  12. "Of the Cats, Chaos and the Universe" by m Stef, 2013


  13. Statistically, an afterlife is inevitable.

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  15. RE- Athene’s Theory of Everything